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3 Unforgettable Facts About Philipsburg, Montana

If you are interested in the history of the U.S., you may be surprised to know how rich in culture the smallest towns in the country are today. Even though many tourists are often directed to the large cities for the bright lights and other fun activities, no one should neglect the fascination that smaller population areas like Philipsburg, Montana offers. With only a population of approximately 800 people, this small town is still a gold mine of things for the family to experience. Here are a few fascinating facts about the city of Philipsburg, Montana.

Fact #1: Great Place to Mine Gems — at Gem Mount Sapphire Mine

saphire mine

Some people enjoy looking at the old town country cowboy settings that they see on many of the older TV shows. As these shows set the mood, people could envision what miners did when they were mining for gold and other precious gems. Today, people can get first-hand experience in the Mines near Philipsburg, Montana. For those individuals who are interested in taking the family to mine for Sapphire Gems, the Gem Mountain Sapphire MIne is the place to be.

In fact, the entire family is welcome to join in, especially since the supplies, tools, and equipment are available for free. This is an awesome experience that everyone who visits can enjoy.

Fact #2: Parts of this Area is an Awesome History Lesson

ghost state park

Philipsburg, Montana used to be booming in the early 1900s. It was the center point in the area for miners all over the country. However, today when people visit this area, they will also find old ruins and a vast history behind what happened there in earlier years.

For instance, tourists will have a chance to visit the Granite Ghost Town State Park. While this name does sound a little eerie, the richness of this place gives people an excellent history lesson that many will never forget. Scenes of old small broken down shacks where entire families lived, a landmark where the only bank in the town was situated, and the remains of Miner’s Union Hall are all part of what a real ghost town looks like.

Fact #3: Gallery of Sapphires for Display and Purchase


Because every birth month has a particular birthstone, people like to buy all kinds of different things with their birthstone in it. So, those people who were born in September can appreciate the significance of the sapphire display that is found in this area.

In fact, people from all over will have an opportunity to see virtually anything that has to do with sapphires. From the display of beautiful trinkets to lots of unusual jewelry items, these stores are not lacking. Therefore, people can travel from all over the globe to find various collector’s items that they can take back with them. The Gallery of Sapphires is a great place to visit.