What is There to Do In Philipsburg

What is there to do in Philipsburg Montana? When people travel with their family and friends, they are always looking for activities to do. In fact, some people plan their itineraries before they leave the city so that they do not waste valuable time looking searching around for places to go. A great place to stay used to be the Sanctuary Inn.

Fortunately, there is a lot of valuable information online that tourist can use to make their plans. So, for those of you who will be visiting Philipsburg, Montana and you want to know what you will be doing, here are some key places that you may want to scout out before arriving.

Best Candy Store for the Sweet tooth — Try the “The Sweet Place.”

Some people have a sweet tooth so they may enjoy visiting “The Sweet Place” while traveling to Philipsburg Montana. For instance, individuals who want to try some unique tasting old world candies may want to stop by ‘The Sweet Place’ before leaving town.

According to persons who have already stopped by, this place should be the 1st priority on the list. From taffy to maple walnut fudge, there is an item for everybody since there is a huge assortment of all kinds of different candies.

Digging for Sapphires as Gem Mountain Sapphire Mine

After the family has satisfied their sweet tooth, they may want to move on a little bit further. The Gem Sapphire Mine is where everyone goes to find sapphires, and they can be taken away by the truckloads or in a small bag filled with the sapphires.

Whatever the case or preference, many tourists highly recommend taking advantage of the fun in digging for sapphires yourselves. No need to worry about not being prepared for these activities since all of the supplies, tools and the equipment are available onsite at no extra cost to those that want to participate.

Opera House Theatre


After a day at the mine, people will also find that there are other activities that they can do with friends and the family. One of the most notable is going to a play at the Opera House Theatre. For instance, if the family is not tired by Saturday night, they can spend their time at this theatre watching an excellent performance. Based on the season and what performances are playing, tourists may have an opportunity to see a Vaudeville show. These can be very entertaining evenings from a professional group of performers that enjoy their craft.

What is there to do in Philipsburg Montana? According to various online sites and reviews, there is a wide diversity of things that people can do when they visit this area. From mining for sapphires with the family to visit “The Sweet Place” for old authentic candies, there is something for the entire family to do when they arrive.

snow skiing

Can Skiing Lead to Weight Loss?

Losing weight can be one of the biggest challenges that anyone can face in their lifetime. Even though the amount of weight that an individual has to lose can vary from a few pounds to over a hundred pounds and more, getting the weight off after gaining can be very difficult to do. Also, the process of getting the weight and keeping it off can be complicated and frustrating at times, especially when the person does not have the success that they are looking for.

Thankfully, there are some very effective ways of losing the weight and keeping fit at the same time. One of the most notable is starting various physical activities. A program that has been proven to work is Steve Holman’s exercise and diet plan. So, one of the questions that some people are interested in knowing is, Can snow skiing help with weight loss? With this in mind, here are some of the main advantages of snowing skiing as it relates to weight loss.

Cardiovascular Exercise and Speeding up the Metabolism

Many people know that the cardiovascular system and the associated activities are essential to good health and speeding up the metabolism. Therefore, when people start skiing regularly, it will begin to improve the effectiveness of their cardiovascular system, while also improving their blood circulation. These types of exercises are also ideal for carrying healthy nutrients and oxygen to the tissues throughout the body. Additionally, to lose the weight and keep the weight off, all of these essential functions are needed to process and eliminate waste naturally. As a result, the individual can begin to lose some of the excess weight that they are trying to get rid of very quickly.

Toning Up the Muscles and Losing Fat

Another big part of shedding pounds from the body is toning up the muscles. When people tone up their muscles, they will also begin to lose the unwanted fat too. Therefore, when an individual starts a program of snow skiing on a regular basis, they may also find that they use muscles all over the body. From toning up the arms, shoulders, legs, thighs and the back, skiing usually affects virtually every part of the body.

Burns Lots of Extra Calories

When people start skiing, they can lose a significant amount of weight in a small amount of time. One of the main reasons for this huge amount of weight loss is the effort that the body uses during these activities. In fact, according to information provided by experts in this area, just one day at the slopes can burn as much as a 3 thousand calories and more.

Can Snow Skiing help with Weight Loss? According to research studies and experts in the health and medical industry, the answer is yes. In fact, when people begin to ski, they can take advantage of a wide range of health and medical benefits. Some of the more notable including toning up the muscles in the body, losing fat, speeding up the metabolism and burning up a significant number of calories in a very short period.


3 Unforgettable Facts About Philipsburg, Montana

If you are interested in the history of the U.S., you may be surprised to know how rich in culture the smallest towns in the country are today. Even though many tourists are often directed to the large cities for the bright lights and other fun activities, no one should neglect the fascination that smaller population areas like Philipsburg, Montana offers. With only a population of approximately 800 people, this small town is still a gold mine of things for the family to experience. Here are a few fascinating facts about the city of Philipsburg, Montana.

Fact #1: Great Place to Mine Gems — at Gem Mount Sapphire Mine

saphire mine

Some people enjoy looking at the old town country cowboy settings that they see on many of the older TV shows. As these shows set the mood, people could envision what miners did when they were mining for gold and other precious gems. Today, people can get first-hand experience in the Mines near Philipsburg, Montana. For those individuals who are interested in taking the family to mine for Sapphire Gems, the Gem Mountain Sapphire MIne is the place to be.

In fact, the entire family is welcome to join in, especially since the supplies, tools, and equipment are available for free. This is an awesome experience that everyone who visits can enjoy.

Fact #2: Parts of this Area is an Awesome History Lesson

ghost state park

Philipsburg, Montana used to be booming in the early 1900s. It was the center point in the area for miners all over the country. However, today when people visit this area, they will also find old ruins and a vast history behind what happened there in earlier years.

For instance, tourists will have a chance to visit the Granite Ghost Town State Park. While this name does sound a little eerie, the richness of this place gives people an excellent history lesson that many will never forget. Scenes of old small broken down shacks where entire families lived, a landmark where the only bank in the town was situated, and the remains of Miner’s Union Hall are all part of what a real ghost town looks like.

Fact #3: Gallery of Sapphires for Display and Purchase


Because every birth month has a particular birthstone, people like to buy all kinds of different things with their birthstone in it. So, those people who were born in September can appreciate the significance of the sapphire display that is found in this area.

In fact, people from all over will have an opportunity to see virtually anything that has to do with sapphires. From the display of beautiful trinkets to lots of unusual jewelry items, these stores are not lacking. Therefore, people can travel from all over the globe to find various collector’s items that they can take back with them. The Gallery of Sapphires is a great place to visit.

History of the Sanctuary Inn Philipsburg, Montana

The town of Philipsburg in Montana has gone through a period of regeneration recently, and it is now a sought after for a vacation location. The Sanctuary Inn was one of the most popular places to stay in town. The building has a fascinating history. The Sanctuary was more than a place to stay it was a historical icon. It has recently been closed, but is still a central feature of the town and it’s history.

The White Church

When mining first began in the 1890s in the Philipsburg area, the population of the town began to grow. Most people in the area were Presbyterian, and a church of this denomination opened in 1893. It was known as the White Church because of the color that it was painted. It is an imposing building, and the white walls contrast with the copper dome on top of the bell tower.


By 1990 many people had moved away from Philipsburg, and the church was hardly used. The decision was made to close the church, but no one knew how the building should be utilized in the future. People in the town knew that they did not want to knock the building down but because it did not have any other use it was just left empty.

The Sanctuary Inn

The design of the church and the unique features such as the hexagonal bell tower appealed to local businessman Dave Chappell, and he began to consider how the church could be re-utilized. He came up with the idea of turning it into a hotel, and this was around the same time that the rest of the town was being regenerated. He hired local artist Liz Silliman to help with the transformation of the inside of the church. She created hand-painted murals in every room which adds to the atmosphere of the Inn.

Here is a tv spot that aired in 2014:


The Sanctuary Inn is a small building, and there are only five rooms. However, despite being small, it has all of the amenities that you would expect from a modern hotel. Wifi is available throughout, and all the rooms have flat-screen TVs. These modern amenities are coupled with aspects of the hotel that are reminiscent of the past. Antique furniture is found in every room, and on the walls, you will find photographs of the history of Philipsburg.

The Town Of Philipsburg

Philipsburg is a small mining town in Montana. There did not seem to be much of a future for the town when the local mines began to close, leading many residents to have to move away to find work. Since the regeneration has taken place, the city has become a real tourist destination. There is plenty to do in the area, and it is an ideal location to stay for a couple of nights to get some rest if you are on a long road trip.

It will be interesting to see what the future has for the white church and the building that used to be the Sanctuary Inn.